Install dropbox on linux server debian 7 (wheezy)

Installing dropbox in command line can be very paintful if you don’t know some tips.
I will give you a complete tutorial based on my personal experience.

First you have to check how many bits your CPU server can handle (x64 or x86), just type this:

    uname -m


Then choose the correct repository

    wget -O dropbox.tar.gz ""
    wget -O dropbox.tar.gz ""


If you don’t have Python installed in your server, install it because Dropbox will need it

    apt-get install python


Ensure that you’re not going to clog your home directory and extract the content

    tar -tzf dropbox.tar.gz
    tar -xvzf dropbox.tar.gz


Now, you can run dropbox



You should now see output like this

    This client is not linked to any account... Please visit to link this machine.


Dropbox will loop on this message, copy this link, target it in your browser and log in to your Dropbox account, you will see a confirmation that your machine has been linked to your dropbox account.
PS: MAKE SURE TO NOT STOP THIS LOOP ! Copy the link by right clicking, but don’t press ctrl+C, it will stop the loop and your account will not be logged.


Now, we will get a python file from the dropbox site in order to start dropbox server.

    mkdir -p ~/bin  
    wget -O ~/bin/ ""  
    chmod 755 ~/bin/  


Right ! Now we can have the list of available commands Dropbox has to offer

    python ~/bin/ help


Alright ! Now start dropbox server

    python ~/bin/ start


Check that server has been successfully started

    python ~/bin/ status


Congratulations, your dropbox folder is now on this directory



CONGRATULATIONS, it can’t be much simpler :).

Install dropbox on linux server debian 7 (wheezy)

Cabin principle or how to define an object oriented code

CABIN (Concrete ABstraction of INterfaces) is just a principle sticked to the notion of object i’ve defined here few days ago.

Let’s remind it.
I’ve defined an object oriented code like a concrete class that strictly implements interfaces and extend abstract classes.

Ok, so you’re telling us a class that doesn’t implement an interface and extend abstract classes is not really an object?
Yes, exactly, and let me explain you why.
You surely agree with me that your smartphone is simply an object that help you communicate with the world, right?
What’s really happening in this case, is that your smartphone is just a shape, an abstract shape thought by a company, and containing a complex interface that you concretely use from.

It is as simpler as that and no more complicated.
An object in the real life is only a concrete use of an abstracted shape implementing a specific interface.

The same equals for objected oriented code, then, CABIN stands for Concrete ABstract of INterfaces.

Edouard Kombo // @edouardkombo. Never stop learning.

Cabin principle or how to define an object oriented code

What exactly is an object oriented code?

I used to code programs for more than seven years and during many of these years, i was unable to clearly explain what is an OOC (object oriented code).

For a lot of web developers, an object is just the result of a class instantiation.

Well, if you think like that, you’re probably not really understanding the basic notion of an object.

Let’s go back to this basic notion.
An object is something which is purposed to help you accomplish something else by its properties.

So by definition, an object in development is a contract (interface), between you and the kind of result (abstracted resulted) you desire from it.
By example, in php, an object can only be a class that implements an interface and extends one or many abstractions.

That’s all, have fun about this.

Edouard Kombo // @edouardkombo. Never stop learning.

What exactly is an object oriented code?