Git issue with WordPress some folders are ignored

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while I didn’t wrote here and I’m glad to see that I make more and more visits, thank you.
It feels good to be back and share with you my issues.

So today I faced a strange problem with WordPress.

Our wordpress project uses Retouch theme with Unyson plugins.

After some updates on the project, I created a git repository and put my changes in, inside a branch.
Everything was ok, expected that if you pull the git repository, even if you re-upload the database, it seems that instead of displaying the normal content from the database, it was a hash that was shown, something like “{length: xxx, hash: xxx}”.

After many hours, I noticed that the problem was a plugin issue with Unyson Builder extension that was missing in my repository.

I can’t actually figure why, but in BitBucket when I access this directory “wp-content/plugins/unyson/framework/extensions/shortcodes/”, the next folder seems to be two folders attached like this “extensions/page-builder”.

So git was ignoring this folder no matter what I could do.

To solve this kind of problem, you always have to check that git doesn’t ignore accidentally some folders. After your “git add” and before any “git commit”, use this command:

git status --ignored

Thank you for reading me.

Git issue with WordPress some folders are ignored

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