YAGNI principle in programmation

For the sake of perfection, when you code, you regularly plan features that could be added to your software in a close future.

But, this approach has many inconvenients:
– More time for testing and improving your application
– More time for debugging your application
– New features impose constraints on what could be necessary in the future
– As a feature is not actually necessary, you can’t fully anticipate what will be its exact behavior
– A new feature implies new possibilities, new developments, so it becomes extremely easy to blow your deadline

Don’t worry, YAGNI principle will save you from hell.

YAGNI principle stands for “You Ain’t Gonna Need It” !
Don’t add a feature to your application if it doesn’t really need it now.

Simple and logic… right?

I will really need his principle for the future, hope it could help you too becoming a great developer.

YAGNI principle in programmation

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