3 reasons a good developer should start blogging

The true question is why wouldn’t you start blogging?

Blogging as a developer gives you a lot of opportunities to serve new generations and your carreer.

1. Blog what you’ve learned, blog problems and solutions

To get where you are, someone got to teach you something. This person can be a teacher or simply a person like you, who has learned something from someone else and just wanted to share his knowledge with you.
If you share what you’ve learned, someone else will always benefit from you, and will be incited when time will permit, to share himself his knowledge.
This is how works open source community.

2. Keep up to date

In order to learn something, you would have encountered some problems that needed to be solved. When you’re in a search of resolving a problem, you allow yourself to discover new practices, new methods, new languages, new opinion leaders, new frameworks… you stimulate your brain and keep up to date, and this is the unique condition to last in this work, and, maybe to become an opinion leader.

3. Your blog is your cv

Imagine you just have finished learning a new framework, and want to share one or many tutorials on it. This is an excellent way to make all your experiences in your cv be easily verified. The more you will publicly share your aptitude in new tools and methods, the more you will gain reputation.

These are quick advantages I see for developers who want blogging. There are many other advantages, but i don’t want to go further on them.

Also, a blog isn’t enough, you have to be on Github, stackoverflow, twitter or any other social network made for.

Would you now start blogging?.

Edouard Kombo // @edouardkombo. Never stop learning.

3 reasons a good developer should start blogging

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