AngularJS – Test driven development tutorial

AngularJS is a great framework that allow separation of concerns pattern, if you’re new to AngularJS, maybe you need to learn differences between JQuery and AngularJS i’ve explained here

For this first tdd with Angular, we just want a simple directive to indicate in our menu what our current route is. We can declare what we want in our view:

//View in the html
//<a href="/hello">Hello</a>

//Test begins here:
it( 'should add "active" when the route changes', inject(function() {
    var elm = $compile( '<a href="/hello">Hello</a>' )( $scope );

    expect( elm.hasClass('active') ).toBeFalsey();

    $location.path( '/hello' );
    expect( elm.hasClass('active') ).toBeTruthy();

If we run our test, it will fail because initial link has no class ‘active’. We can now declare a directive to add a class on urlChange without having to modify the html.

.directive( 'whenActive', function ( $location ) {
    return {
        scope: true,
        link: function ( scope, element, attrs ) {
            scope.$on( '$routeChangeSuccess', function () {
                if ( $location.path() == element.attr( 'href' ) ) {
                    element.addClass( 'active' );
                } else {
                    element.removeClass( 'active' );

Well done for your first test driven development in AngularJS.

AngularJS – Test driven development tutorial

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