Discovery of Objective Reality design pattern

Objective what?

Let me introduce you to this new design pattern i’ve imagined. Objective Reality helps you write simple, human readable code at the best price.

When you’re facing a program with at least 100 lines of code, how many time do you loose figuring out its based logic, even if well documented? In fact, for a 100 lines of code, the average time for a global understanding is 10 seconds, add 60 more seconds for a clearfull understanding of each functions, plus 2 more minutes for the details of each instructions in every functions.

3 minutes is the average time we all loose.

Concretely, in one day work, we can easily  loose 1 hour just to completely understand programs we’re facing, and the bigger the lines in the program, the bigger this time increases, the more you are stressed or unconcentrated, the more this time increases too.

To help you saving time, Objective Reality pattern recommends that, to write simple human readable programs, you have to personify your code by imagining a human like character who will clearly execute your instructions.
This pattern is based on my CSS principle (Code Similar Situations).

Look how powerfull it is.

//Basic code
$httpClass = new httpFoundation();
$myUrl = '';
$comparison = $httpClass->compareWith($myUrl);
if ($comparison) {

//Objective reality pattern with CSS principle
$myUrl = '';
$i = new character();

When you’re facing the second example, you figure out the logic 3 times faster than the first example, because your brain doesn’t have to worry about the functions behind your instructions, your code is intuitive, you saved time for you and others who will read it later.

Who is using Objective Reality?

Edouard Kombo // @edouardkombo. Never stop learning.

Discovery of Objective Reality design pattern

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